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OIC Mining and Minerals Refurbish all types of Rock crusher rebuild services with warranties. OIC also offers the whole range of new and refurbished Crushers from Jaw, Cone impact crushers, Rotary Coal Breakers, Roll crushers. We also Retrofit , Repair and Refurbish client own crushers plant, Supply Wear Parts for most crushers but also buy in used crushers and discarded mineral processing plant and equipment. We also undertakes minerals process engineering projects and project management ,well positioned to undertake small, medium and large scale minerals projects on a global basis.

New Mining and Mineral Crushing Equipment

OIC mining and minerals is South Africa's leading supplier of new and refurbished fixed and semi-mobile crushing, screening, recycling, sand washing, stockpiling, compacting and material handling solutions.

Our product range includes Rotary Coal Breakers, Feeder & Feeder Breakers (Stationery and crawler mounted) Roll Crushers Single, double, triple and quad & DDC -Sizers, jaw crushers, cone crushers, vertical shaft impact (VSI) crushers, Horizontal shaft impact crushers , vibrating grizzly feeders screens and conveyers impact crushers, screens and conveyors.

Our skid mounted, semi-mobile machines have throughput capacities of up to 700 tonnes per hour, with feed sizes of up to 1000mm. With the large demand for processed materials locally and internationally, and to meet the requirement of contractors, miners and quarries, we offer a complete range of skid mounted, semi-mobile materials handling equipment.

Our skid mounted, semi-mobile solutions comprise of standard, heavy-duty machines supplied to you complete and ready to run. All our machines in this range are mounted on skid-frames, do not require concrete foundations and are designed for rapid installation and easy integration with the rest of our product range.

OIC mining minerals supplies standard modules which are reconfigurable and scalable and therefore allow our customers to start small and change or grow their processing plant as demand increases. A complete crushing and screening plant can typically be set up and operating at full capacity within days from arrival on site. These tried and tested machines are designed to handle the harshest conditions and toughest rock in all types of applications.

To get up and running and to start generating revenue quickly, add OIC semi-mobile solutions to your processing plant. Contact us for more detailed information.


Our Apron Feeders are designed and built in a wide range of sizes from 900 mm to 3500 mm wide to handle heavy, lumpy and abrasive materials, and provide a reliable means of controlling the feed rate to prevent surge loads to primary crushers, belt conveyors and other plant and equipment.

Apron Feeders are usually installed under a hopper or bin and can accept direct dumping by trucks or bulldozers, shovels or a dragline.

Osborn offers a complete range of standard and extra heavy duty apron feeders suited for the most arduous conditions encountered in the Mining and Quarrying industries. Feeders can be supplied in lengths to suit customers' requirements.

With one of the largest and most modern facilities in South Africa, Osborn also offers installation, commissioning, spares, reconditioning and after-sales service, plus the capability to supply the right unit for any type of inquiry.

In addition, these units complement Osborn's wide range of mills, screens, jaw crushers, gyrasphere cone crushers, feeders, scrubbers and idlers. A turnkey plant capability is also available.



A full range of robust vertical shaft impact crushers has been added to the product offering of Johannesburg-based Osborn. Manufactured in the USA by sister company KPI-JCI, these versatile, low-maintenance vertical shaft impactors (VSIs) have proved their mettle in the USA, Canada and Europe. The VSI has the advantage of fracturing stone through impact, which typically creates a more cubical product vs. the cleavage fracture from a compression crusher.


A unique feature of KPI-JCI's vertical shaft impactors is their versatility. The same machine can be configured to run in standard, semi-autogenous and fully autogenous modes. This is what really sets them apart from other VSI crushers on the market. Customers can configure their machines according to their needs, to suit their applications. This versatility provides for significant cost savings, since one VSI can effectively be turned into three different machines, with some simple adjustments and changes within the internal components. Compared to a standard VSI, a semiautogenous VSI will save about 33% in wear costs, and a fully autogenous VSI will save an additional 33%.


The KPI-JCI VSI crushers deliver highly consistent end products, are available in both stationary and portable configurations and crank out up to 500 tph production output. They are best applied in tertiary and quaternary applications and various secondary applications. Rock fed to the crusher's accelerator mechanism (table or rotor) is flung outwards by centrifugal force against the stationary anvils or hybrid rock shelf for free-body impacting. The proper chamber configuration is application dependent. As a fully autogenous crusher, this VSI features a rotor and hybrid rock shelf.

Rock-on-rock crushing occurs with variable reduction ratios between 6:1 and 3:1 achievable. As a semi-autogenous crusher, with rotor and anvil, the crushing chamber has an autogenous rotor and standard stationary anvils for specialised crushing and problem materials. With feed sizes of 38mm to 51mm, reduction ratios between 8:1 and 3:1 are achieved. With a standard configuration, featuring shoe and anvil, with a maximum feed size of 152mm, variable reduction ratios between 10:1 and 3:1 are possible.

Precise Gradation Control

Major crushing advantages of the KPI-JCI vertical shaft impactor include precise gradation control; the production of chips and asphalt aggregates fines; and compliance with cubical and fracture count specifications for today's tight specification requirements in asphalt paving. The autogenous configuration of the VSI produces more in spec material in a single pass than that of more conventional compressive crushers. The autogenous rotor and hybrid rock-self design delivers proper internal crusher geometry for maximum production at the lowest cost.

Other noteworthy features of the crushers include feed tube inspection doors and a unique, low-maintenance lubrication system. The externally adjustable, reversible and replaceable feed tube allows for quick, easy adjustment though the Inspection door located on the top lid for easy access to the impact chamber. Bearing housing on this VSI runs in an oil lubrication system, so there is little to no maintenance on bearings and housing, and no hassle with greasing every eight hours, as required with other machines.


Safety is also a key element in the KPI-JCI VSI crusher's design and a hydraulically operated arm, called the "Hydra-Arm", is available as an option on the machine, to lift and rotate the crusher lid, allowing safe and unobstructed access to the crushing chamber for maintenance. Bolt-on wear liners protect the tub and lid surface, for long service life, and allowing safe and easy maintenance with no welding required



The KPI-JCI SuperStackerT is designed to help customers meet increasingly demanding material specifications. Available in various sizes, the SuperStacker gives producers the ability to stockpile "in-spec" aggregate in larger piles with smaller footprints using fully automated PLC technology.

  • Portable Radial Stackers
  • Extendable SuperStackersT
  • Transfer Conveyors
  • Feed Systems
  • Complete System

Capable of creating custom-shaped, partially or fully desegregated stockpiles to fit maximum material in minimum space, the SuperStackerT certainly lives up to its name. The standard Cam-Arm linkage maintains a constant radius from the pivot plate to the axle ensuring a true radial movement and uninterrupted stockpiling. Enhance your SuperStacker'sT performance with the optional Wizard Touch Automated Control System. Offering preprogrammed performance to meet any job's daily demand.

Superstacker Series 33

The Series 33 consists of a "stinger" conveyor mounted inside an outer conveyor. The stinger conveyor moves linearly along the length of the outer conveyor, varying the location of the discharge pulley.

The height of the discharge pulley is variable, as well as the radial position of the conveyor. The three axis variation is essential in making the layered pile that overcomes segregation.

Features & Benefits

  • Built in counterweights at the tail end of the main conveyor.
  • Standard Gull Wing Axle allows for quick set-up and transport, eliminating the time, expense and manpower associated with manual configurations.
  • Hydraulic planetary power travel is provided on the radial travel wheels, eliminating the disassembly of chain drives.
  • Cam Arm Undercarriage is standard on all KPI-JCI Superstacker models. This maintains a constant wheel radius when raising / lowering the conveyor without having to skid the tires or interrupt stockpiling. A smaller width runway is required due to constant travel radius.

Transfer Conveyors

We offer transfer conveyors ideal for all types of operations. For semi-mobile or in-pit portability, KPI-JCI TransfliteT Transfer Conveyors are the ideal solutions and available in skid mount or dolly axle configurations. Channel or lattice frame overland conveyors are available to cover longer distances, eliminating the need for haul trucks.

Our stackable conveyors can pack up to 480 feet of conveying power in a single truckload, perfect for portable operations always on the move. For additional on-site portability, 3-pack conveyors are configured to be towed away in loads containing up to three, 70-foot long, wheel-mounted conveyors.

Feed Systems

Maximize the effectiveness of your entire operation with the seamless compatibility of material feed products. Our entire line of feed solutions has been designed using several decades of experience in building aggregate processing and recycling equipment. Couple this experience with versatile and innovative engineering capabilities and you receive the flawless compatibility only KPI-JCI Feeding Equipment can deliver - enabling you to run at peak performance and keep material moving at the rate your operation requires.


Providing material to and taking material away from your processing equipment at a productive rate is vital to your profitability. We offer a streamlined design of highly productive material handling systems. Load and unload railcars, trucks or ships and move massive loads of material throughout your operation in no time. From tripper systems to loading or unloading, we have the right design, components, installation and support for your application.



Osborn Double Roll Crushers can be used for primary and secondary crushing. The Double Roll Crusher is generally regarded as a 4:1 feed to product ratio crusher; however in some instances, dependent upon material friability and hardness, it is possible to achieve a 6:1 crushing ratio.

The feed material should enter the centre of the gap between the two rolls and spread across the full roll width for maximum efficiency and this ensures a uniform product size distribution.

For strict coal product specifications the Osborn Double Roll Crusher is preferred. It is important to understand the material characteristics, as the type of coal will often vary considerably. Hardness, rock content, friability and moisture content are the major factors that need to be identified, together with the crusher capacity, maximum lump size, required product size and the amount of fines that are acceptable.

Efficient crushing will lower the power requirements and increase the life of the crusher segments. When the correct crushing ratio is used and the optimum roll diameters selected, the segments will grip the feed material more efficiently and it will also not allow pieces to roll on top of the segments due to the incorrect nip angle, this assists in reducing wear.

Crushing rolls and drive

Each roll assembly comprises of renewable and reversible toothed segments, bolted and keyed to a robust hexagonal hub with the nuts inside the hub. Locking nuts are securely located in fabricated pockets in the drum. This enables removal and replacement of segments from the outside using only one tool (Allan Key).

Bolt heads are protected from excessive wear by being counter sunk in recesses on each segment. Teeth are arranged in a staggered formation on the segments to prevent tooth on tooth impact. Tooth proportions are designed for the particular product requirements.

The rolls are separately driven by two identical motors, through sets of vee belts which are connected between the gearbox pulley and the flywheels. The drive arrangement is free standing with the electric motors mounted on adjustable base plates.


Fabricated channel beams serve as the main frame support. For ease of adjustment, machined low friction polymer pads are provided. Inspection doors are provided at the roll ends on the non-drive side as well as on the crusher ends. Flanges are provided on the top for connecting a feed chute.


Uncrushable material entering the rolls will load the springs causing them to compress and allow the passing of the non-crushable objects. Compression springs are fitted at one end and act on the bearing housings of one roll. Spring adjustment bolts and shim plates are fitted for adjusting the roll position. Hydraulic roll adjustment and force relief cylinders can be supplied instead of the springs as an optional extra.



Jaw crushers process medium to hard quarry rock or other materials by compressing it between the fixed jaw and the swing jaw. The swing jaw being the moving part is attached to a rotating eccentric shaft. The fixed jaw is an integral part of the crusher frame. Both jaws are fitted with manganese jaw liners that can be replaced or reversed when worn. During the crushing operation, the toggle plate which acts as a pivot point for the jawstock, controls movement of the lower part of the swing jaw.


The single toggle crusher is designed for a high capacity throughput due to the elliptical movement of the swing jaw which also assists in the discharge of the crushed material. As the single toggle crusher will achieve far higher capacities than the double toggle design, they are often used as a primary crusher.


  • Production capacity up to 1,600 t/h
  • Rock compressive strength up to 400 MPa
  • Excellent nip angle
  • Fabricated main frame and swing jaw
  • Reversible jaw dies for maximum wear
  • Relief / adjustment


  • Production capacity up to 1,000 t/h
  • Rock compressive strength up to 500 MPa
  • Patented hydraulic beam locking system
  • Excellent nip angle
  • Fabricated main frame and swing jaw
  • Reversible jaw dies for maximum wear
  • Relief / adjustment


Double toggle crushers are the preferred machine for harder and highly abrasive materials with a compressive strength of up to 600 Mpa. The double toggle is capable of handling extremely hard rock and Ferro materials, but rate of feed and reduction ratio's are restricted. With the top of the hinged swing jaw almost perpendicular to the crushing chamber, high compression is achieved by the linear stroke of the toggle movement thus minimising wear on the jaw liners.


  • Production capacity up to 600 t/h
  • Rock compressive strength up to 600 MPa
  • Excellent nip angle
  • Fabricated main frame and swing jaw
  • Reversible jaw dies for maximum wear



Our capability includes the supply of new mills, based on existing proven Osborn designs, engineered with assistance of modern design techniques and 3D simulation packages. We also offer after sales support and spares backup to all Osborn mills currently operating in the market.

Mill sizes range from 1.6m (5ft) diameter through to 11.6m (38ft) diameter, all carrying gear driven designs. The Grinding Mills are supplied to clients worldwide.

For projects carrying restricted budgets or accelerated timing requirements, NCP incorporates the supply of refurbished Grinding Mills into the portfolio to match project requirements. These options can be refurbished back to OEM specification and be supplied with warrantees equivalent to new equipment.

NCP Mill Design Capabilities

  1. Process Modeling through an NCP developed Specific Energy Breakage Model
  2. 3D Drafting
  3. Structural Design FEA
  4. Bearing Fluid Film Analysis
  5. Drive Train Design (Including Variable Speed Drives)
  6. Drive Train Torsional Analysis
  7. Casting Simulations & Foundry Methodology Review
  8. DEM Charge Analysis & Liner Design Optimization
  9. Project specific chute design based on Trajectory Theory



These scrubbers are suited to the most arduous conditions encountered in the South African Mining and Quarrying Industries. With one of the largest and most modern facilities in South Africa, Osborn also offers installation, commissioning, spares, reconditioning and after sales service, plus the capability to supply the right unit for any type of enquiry.

Applications for Rotary Scrubbers

  • Cleans ores, stone, gravel and sandstone.
  • Mill type cascading action disintegrates a large amount of clay and dirt, which is carried away by the water flow.
  • Helps meet the requirements of many specifications that need crushed stone to be scrubbed before screening to eliminate or reduce soft stone, clay and dirt.

In addition, OIC mineral and mining Scrubbers compliment OIC s wide range of mills, screens, crushers, vibrating feeders, apron feeders and idlers. Turnkey plant capability is also available



The vibrating grizzly is used to separate ROM feed material into fractions prior to the primary crushing stage of the process. The pan deck is usually no more that 1 meter long whilst the grizzly bar section can be over 5 meters in length with varying widths from 900mm to 2400mm.

This feeder take a bin load and is often fed by an apron feeder or a pan feeder to feed and scalp the material prior to the primary crusher. Very similar action to the Pan Feeder these robust machines are frequently used in the quarrying and mining industries. The grizzly is generally installed horizontally but to improve material flow they can be installed up to a maximum 10 degree downslope.

Grizzly bars can be arranged as a single, double or even triple row dependent upon the amount of scalping required. Capacities range from 250tph through to 2500tph. The vibrating grizzly can be used as a heavy duty high capacity, non accurate screen due to the grizzly bars being tapered to allow elongated particles to pass through. The Osborn grizzlies operate at a minimum of 4G's force with an approximate amplitude of 10 mm



The preparation of ROM coal commences the moment it is received from the mine. The Rotary Coal Breaker crushes and breaks the coal and removes the majority of the rock contamination.

The sized coal from the Rotary Breaker can then be fed into a Rolling Ring Crusher which produces a finer product.

For more specific and smaller sizing of the coal, the Double Roll Crusher is generally the preferred machine, particularly for processing the sizes required by power stations and for the export market where tight specifications are required.

Serving the South African coal market for more than 80 years, Osborn's Coal Crushers have proven to be extremely reliable and have gained popularity as far afield as Australia, Turkey and neighbouring African countries, such as Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Mozambique



The machine is widely used for secondary and fine crushing in the fields of mining, building materials, metallurgy and so on. It can crush materials with middle and high hardness such as ironstone, copper ore, granite, basalt, cobblestone, marble, limestone and so on. It is widely used in the high automatic crushing line which has strict requirement for the shape and crushing ratio of the end products.


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